Training Courses

About Our Training Courses

Some people bealive you need apprenticeship to become professional Body Piercer. We designed our courses so we can prepare you to start working asap after completing the course.

What will you know after the course:

- You will be confident to perform piercings in safe and fast way.

- You will know how to set up your work space.

- You will know all the health licence requirements.

- You will be familiar with tools and jewellery.

- You will know how to perform 10 different ear piercings, 12 different lip piercings, tongue, cheek, septum, nose, eyebrow, nipple, navel and surface piercings.

- You will know how to perform microdermal piercings.

Training course takes 3 days of intensive work.

First and second day are theoretical lectures with some practical exercises. Third day you will be able to perform various piercings on our volunteers. On the end of the third day you will have to pass theoretical exam which positive result will give you Certificate of completing the course in above the waist body piercing including dermal piercings.

You don’t need to note anything during the course. You will receive specially prepared materials which will include all the knowledge from theoretical lectures and more so you could concentrate your attention fully during the course.


Cost is £650. Booking deposit of £150 is required to secure the spot rest £500 paid in first day of course.

Deposits can by wired via PayPal or bank transfer.

Deposit can be moved to diffrent date or refunded up to 7 days prior start of the course after that period deposit is not refundable. 

If you want to ask us a questions regarding Training Courses feel free to email us.